Corona Virus - November Update

The corona situation in Europe with travel restrictions is making traveling at the moment harder but it is still possible with a little more planning required. This could be your chance to explore one or two countries in more depth than usual. 

Up to 90% of regular international trains in western and central Europe are now back to normal timetables. The train operators in Europe are happy to see Interrailers on trains again. 

This page can be used for guidelines into what you should take into consideration, however, it is completely impossible to be completely updated with the ever-changing situations. For that reason, we strongly encourage everyone before setting off on their travels to check the health and travel advice of Norway's Foreign Ministry website here

Travelers should also check the travel advice of the countries they plan to visit as well as the current travel restrictions of railways that are relevant to their trips. You can check the latest advice from the European Commission's Re-Open EU website here


Facemasks & Face Coverings - Currently on most European trains, and often in the train stations wearing a face mask or face covering is mandatory when entering, moving about the train, and exiting the train. Make sure to carry a facemask or face-covering with you on your journey. 

Hand Hygiene - Be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you during your journey and sanitize your hands regularly, especially after touching surfaces like doors and door buttons on the train. European train operators are continually monitoring the cleaning of their trains and making sure toilets are well stocked on soap and water. 

Social Distancing - European train operators are working hard to ensure there is plenty of space between passengers, You can help by making use of all door entry points when boarding and exiting the train which will help stop congestion of passengers in one or more carriages as you board and leave the train.

Flexibility - Holding an Interrail pass gives you the flexibility to travel however & whenever you want within the passes validity. If a train looks too crowded at the station wait for the next one. 

Alternative Destinations - Choose the less crowed destinations over the big cities and capital cities, visit Europe's second smaller cities & towns or head straight to the nature by train. The Interrail pass and traveling by train In Europe lets you reach the heart and centre of destinations that flying can’t. 

You can check out some tried and tested alternative routes for autumn here

Off-Peak - With an Interrail pass you always have the flexibility to travel during off-peak hours, If you can choose to travel during the off-peak hours which will likely give you a quieter train and plenty of space in the train. 

Train Schedules - Both international and domestic, can also be impacted by corona virus restrictions. Always check train information before traveling. 

You can download the official Interrail App 'Rail Planner' on your phone or smart device, the app is loaded with the participating European rail network and is continually updated with the latest information. 

For APPLE download here For ANDROID download here